A Chickens Four Needs 0

The four main things a chicken needs are cleanliness, food and water, good temperature, and a proper home.  A chickens first home is called a “brooder”. A cage for a rabbit or guinea pig, or even a fish aquarium will work well. For your chicks’ flooring, you can use iteams such as newspaper or pine shavings, however, pine shavings tend to work better. To maintain  clean house, you have to clean out their litter every few days.

About a month after their birth, place a small stick about 3-4 inches off the brooders floor. There the chickens will start to roost. Make sure to place it away from your heat lamp, UV Lamp, etc.

The temperature should be ranging around 90-100 degrees, and should decrease 5 degrees every week after until they have their feathers and are 5-8 weeks old. If you notice your chickens huddling away from the lamp in the corner, they are too hot. If they huddle together under the light, they are too cold.

Chicks love to play around, but they have a tendency to poop in their water bowls and feeders. ALWAYS have fresh water for them. Consider using a plastic water jug. They are lighter and easier to clean. Depending on how many chickens you have, you should clean out the water bowl 1-2 times a day.

For newborn chicks, you might want to consider a feeder. It’s easier to keep all the food in one place. Baby chickens start off with food called “crumbles”. You can get medical and non-medical versions of this kind of feed. (We recommend the medical.)

Treats can be given to the chicks after about 2 weeks after being hatched. Only feed them worms, bugs, etc. Once they grow a few weeks older you can give them other treats. (Greens, fruits, beans, raisins, crickets, etc.)

Is your chicken’s poop sticks to the vent and then dries hard? That’s what we call “pasting up”. Not to worry, though. Clean the chick’s vent with a moist towel 1-3 times a day to prevent a clogged vent.

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