Puppy Chewing: Three Tips to Stop Damage 0

Puppies are just natural born chewing machines.    Their teeth are coming in and this causes them to chew.  The only problem is the chewing can cause hundreds of dollars in damage.  Anyone who has had chewed furniture or one of a pair of good shoes damaged can attest to the frustration.  So puppy chewing: three tips to stop damage may help prevent the heartache and frustration associated with puppy chewing.

Tip # 1.  Give the puppy appropriate things to chew.  A chew toy which keeps them occupied is perfect.  A dog trainer once shared a secret.  Place treats inside of a chew bone.  This will keep the puppy’s mind occupied as he tries to get the treats out of the bone.  BilJac Liver Treats work very well inside of a Kong Toy or hollow bone.

Tip #2:  Spray areas and objects the puppy is likely to chew with a bitter substance such as Bitter Apple.  Bitter Apple is a colorless, odorless spry made only from apples with a very bitter taste.  You could spray it on your shoes and chair legs without anyone detecting its presence in order to keep the puppy from chewing these priceless objects.

Tip # 3: Exercise and play with the puppy.  Sometimes the chewing is a result of boredom.  It only takes a few minutes a day for a little playtime with the puppy.

Keep your puppy out of trouble and your things from being shredded.  Mercantile on Broad can offer many solutions to your pet care problems.

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