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The day you bring home a bunny rabbit from the Mercantile is a very exciting time.  They’re so cute and cuddly!  What a great pet!  They don’t make much noise, they don’t smell bad and did I mention how cute and cuddly bunny rabbits can be?  It is a big responsibility to make sure you know how to take care of bunny rabbits.  Here are a few tips to keep bunny rabbits healthy.

First, make sure your bunny rabbit has hard chew toys.  You can find a large selection of chewing treats for bunny rabbits on the bunny aisle at The Mercantile.  The hard chewing treats helps keep those front teeth in good shape so they don’t overgrow.

Next, offer a high quality pellet food to insure proepr nutrition.  The Mercantile offers different brands such as Purina Mills Garden Rabbit Food. A good quality pelleted feed will keep your bunny rabbit healthy.

Third, make sure you offer your bunny rabbit plenty of Timothy hay.  Bunny rabbits love this stuff.  You can purchase small bags of Timothy hay from the Mercantile.

Of course, clean the cage frequently and place  a litter box in the cage.  This will make clean up so much easier.

Last but not least, trim the nails so they don’t over grow.  When the nails get too long, it is painful for your bunny.  If you are squeamish about clipping the nails, our groomers will be glad to clip your bunny’s nails.

Having a bunny rabbit for a pet is very rewarding.  Keeping a bunny healthy does not take a whole lot of work and you can find all you need to help keep your bunny healthy and happy right at The Mercantile on Broad.

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