How to Care for Your Red Tail Boa 0


Red Tail Boa Care

Boas are a larger species, but are still very popular pets. They too come in a variety of colors. While the boa may get larger, it is still a very calm animal. If you want a 6-7 foot heavy bodied snake, these are the snakes for you.

Housing: Newborn boas should be housed in a 20 gallon long aquarium with a locked lid. They like to climb when young, so provide plenty of different logs and branches for them to climb on. Provide a log hide, or cave for them to go into, but most of the time they will lay on top of it. As adults, they will need a large cage, either 150 gallon aquarium, or a custom made enclosure. Once large, they will spend most of their time on the ground, so climbing branches are not needed. Aspen Shavings make for a good substrate for boas. Temperature for a boa should be around 90 degrees for a warm spot, and the rest of the cage should not drop below 78 degrees.

Lighting and Heating: Like with most other snakes, boas do much better with belly heat. Belly heat is best achieved through the use of Zoomeds Reptitherm Under Tank Heater. Lights are not needed.

Feeding: Young boas should be fed every 5-7 days, and then it should be spaced out more as they grow. As a larger adult, feeding ever 3 weeks is a good schedule to keep them at a healthy weight. Feed appropriately sized prey items, roughly the girth of the animal, with boas, it does not have to be as strict, they can eat larger prey, but it is not advised on a regular basis.

Health Issues: The only major health concern for a boa is a respiratory infection. If temperatures drop too low, then they may begin developing a respiratory infection. As long as the under tank heater is working, the temperatures should stay where they need to be, and everything will work well.


Basic Requirements:

20 Gallon Critter Cage

Zoomed Reptitherm Under Tank Heater

Water Bowl

Log hides or caves

Climbing Branches

Aspen Shavings bedding.

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