Betta Fish 101 0

Brief History

Betta Fish Originated in Siam where they were collected as warriors, therefore some people refer to them as Siamese Fighting Fish. “Betta” was the name for a warring tribe, and later became the Siamese Fighting Fish’s commonly used name. The first betas were not as colorful as the pet store betas now. Bettas nowadays have undergone a special breeding which has had an effect on their color.

How To Tell If My Betta Is Sick

If your Betta is not eating, that is a sign that it may be sick. Also check for:

  • Rotting Fins
  • White or Red Spots
  • Swollen Gills
  • Raised Scales
  • Open Sores
  • Bloated Stomach

How Much Do I Feed My Betta

A common mistake is feeding a Betta. Look at a Betta’s eyes. That is about the size of their stomaches. Adult Bettas should be fed once a day. Betta fry, however, should be fed twice a day. Make sure to remove all excess foos from the tank as soon as the Betta is finished eating to maintain the water quality.

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